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Saturday, July 3, 2010

..The Day I Got Enhanced..

       This is what happens when you like the FINEr things in life....
So...it was lonnngggg overdue,but I finally got the dvd that I've been waiting for forever! Sam Fine,yes...theeee Sam Fine, created an instructional dvd to teach us the basics of beauty and how we too can enhance our beauty by learning simple,yet very important techniques.I like to add pics to my blogs to allow readers to connect to my emotion,so...let me show you how I felt when my dvd arrived...
Hahaha...yes,that's real!I was so excited because I knew that I would gain so much knowledge from this video, being that I am more of a beginner when it comes to makeup application.I love mascara,gloss and eyeshadow but that's pretty much all I wear because I didn't know the proper way to apply products such as foundation,concealer,and bronzer. I literally wrote 3 pages of notes while watching the video because I didn't want to just "watch" it to say I watched it,but I wanted to learn and retain the information so that I can use it to "enhance" my beauty in real life. In this video,Sam is so very detailed in every step which assures you that you don't miss a beat and that his intentions are  truly to teach and introduce effective methods to makeup application. There were some points in the video that I highlighted because I feel they are very important and beneficial to me personally...

1. The variety of brushes that should be in the brush kit and how each one serves a diferent purpose but yet all work together.

2. In brow maintenance,clear mascara serves as a major helper when trying to see which parts need to be corrected in grooming and also to lock the color and powder in once it is set.

3. The importance of moisturizer!It makes the face supple and ready for product and also serves as a protective shield.

4.The intricate application of concealer and foundation and the ways to match it to the complexion depending on the coverage desired.

5.The addition of lip liner and importance of applying lip color with a brush,the blending creates a beautiful 3 dimensional lip that is to diiieee for!

...I actually wish I could sit here and highlight every single point that was made in the video because they are all so very important and help to get the coveted look in the end!It doesn't just end after he does 3 beautiful makeovers,I absolutely LOVED watching the interview where Sam answered questions that I'm sure we all have for him.His dedication and drive is what got him where he is today,not luck or knowing the right people.It takes hard work to achieve greatness and I was so very inspired by Sam's story and to see that just like a normal person,as he and ALL celebrities are,started in a position we may be in today. He is a living and WOORRKKKKKing example that if you want something bad enough,when your preparation meets the right opportnity,it will equal success. I really want to thank Sam Fine for creating this instructional video because it is truly a big help to those that don't know where to start but wish to enhance their beauty at any age.The beginning is the most important part and what better way to learn the foundations than from one of my favorite makeup artists Sam Fine!

A million THANK YOUs to Sam Fine and what better way to celebrate than a photoshoot with my new best friend!

Signed X ___TyrasLilSis_____ ...*clears throat* aka Sharontina :)