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Friday, December 18, 2009

"How Youu Dooiinnnnn?!"

     So...we all know the quirky,divaliscious, always funny Wendy Williams. Well me and my friends got a chance to attend a taping yesterday at her studio in NYC and when I say fun..I mean FUN, VIP style! EVERYTHING was pretty in pink and I absolutely loved it! So we ended up getting there a little toooo early, but hey it's better to be early than late. In the process of trying to kill about two hours, we frantically ran around the surrounding area tryng to find a warm place! Killed about 10 minutes standing in Starbucks staring at people, then went to this random apartment complex that had a lobby,but once the receptionist guy realized we were random people he said "uhhmmm, can I help you??"..We tried to act like we didn't hear him because we knew the end result would be "you have to leave", but after ignoring the question for about 40 seconds I felt like I was being disrespectful and said, "ummm,we are just trying to get warm". As expected, he replies with "uhhh, you can't just hang out in the lobby".
     Back in the cold we were and just when we thought we were going to die of  hypothermia, we discovered a Dunkin Donuts!!! The one place you can go and sit for hours and not be asked a single question...even if you don't buy anything!! HE answered our prayers and we sat in there until it was time to go back. The WHOLE Wendy staff was down to earth beyond belief,they were like old friends..so welcoming. After all the prep and wait and seating and all, they were like "come on down here and dance yall!" and the whole audience was on the dance floor doin their thing(and this was before the show even started!). The show was great and Wendy is just as funny and humble in person as she is on tv. As she walked up the aisle next to us,my friends and I were all just staring dead in her face and when she looked and saw us, she put on a big friendly smile and said "Hey girls!" lol..I have to say it was quite rude of us to stare and created an awkward moment,but her warm greeting made it A ok and we were hype that she spoke to us hahahaa..!Even though it was freezing , we had a great time in NYC and Wendy sent us all home with a wrapping paper kit from Kate's Paperie. After leaving the show, we went to this diner on Broadway where the waiters and waitresses sung broaoday songs the whole time...later I realized that they aspire to be on Broadway so they perform all day in hopes to get discovered I guess...duh lol.There's so much more to tell about our trip but this is a blog, not a book so I'll end here..but here are sum pics! enjoy :)

Wendy Studio,pretty in Pink!

Self explanatory ;)

Us in the studio waiting for Wendy to come out

This was right after we got kicked out of that random apartment lobby lol

"How yOuu dooiiinnnn?!"

Tina B.

Tyra's Global BIO(Beauty Inside and Out) Campaign, Have you pledged?

Tyra just launched a new campaign, Global BIO(Beauty Inside and Out) as a way to expand the definition of beauty and bring to light "non-traditional" beauty and celebrate it. As you know,expanding abnormal beauty was one of the goals behind the creation of America's Next Top Model. She wants women from all over the world to celebrate their unique beauty and make a 30 sec video explaining how you plan to expand the definition and encourage otyhers. In my video I talked about how I plan to embrace everything that is unique to me and even embrace the things I don't quite like...from my little ears -----------------------> To the bags under my eyes!

I LOVE it all and I hope you too will take the pledge to embrace the many versions of beauty we share...
Beauty is not one sided,and together we can uncover all of its dimensions!
For more information and to make your pledge,visit http://www.tyra.com/ 
and check out my video too,its for you, me, and all of the women of the world!

Tina B.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The TRUTH behind the make pretend.

Did You ever wonder what exactly causes butterflies? or why we get the "itis" after eating?...or maybe you've wondered why you get soooo sleepy after crying...Well look no further..I've got all the truth behind the things we just made up names for... ;)

                      Flutter .....Flutter....

We all get them..right before a test,an interview,when that certain he/she walks past...but have we ever thought about what "butterflies" in the tummy REALLY are? In actuality, butterflies is yet another biological/physiological response the body has to certain external situations. The sensatin of "butterflies" is actually the physical sensation we feel that results from the activation of our sympothetic nervous system.  For the less bio savy folk, the sympothetic nervous system is a reaction of the nervous that is triggered when we feel a potential threat to an outside source(fight or flight). It does'n't alway have to be a threat in its negative connotation, but something as simple as a threat in the form of a challenge where you are uncertain of the outcome.
For example,an interview would be seen as one of these "threats", and the body will still respond to it as if it was a threat to life,jut to a lesser degree. So many of you are probably wondering what exactly the "butterfly" feeling is right? Well, the sympathetic nervous system causes many physical changes but the most important in this situation is the reaction it has in the gut. When presented in a situation of "threat", digestion shuts down and the veins that usually carry blood to the digestive system contract and the blood is rerouted away from the gut and up to muscles to prepare for the "fight or flight". Along with this, blood pressure raises, heart rate, and hormones such as Cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline which thus causes that fluttery butterfly feeling. Now that we know what "butterflies" actually are..next time you get them, pay attention to the situation you are in and this will all come into context.
PS...Butterflies feel more like crocadile claws to me LOL...just a comment...

<----- I think he got da "itis" ...

This is one of my favs..."itis"....CLASSIC. I knoe EVERYONE starts feeling a little lazy after eating a tasty meal, but what causes this?..yet again,I've got the answer for you. I always wondered why people get so dreary and narcoleptic right after eating and the explanation yet again has to do with our "inside pawts" hahaaa...So...When we eat a wholesome meal, much of the blood that is usually circulating evenly throughout our body is redirected to the digestive system so it has enough to process digestion, which thus makes us feel less energized. Another major factor is that the foods we eat contain sugars that, when consumed, inhibit the "stay awake" chemicals, which makes us feel very sleepy. See what food does to us...soooo good,yet soooo bad..is that a catch 22 im seeing?..hmmmm...

Cry Baby,Cry Baby..Wipe Those Sleepy Eyes....

This one stumped me for the longest...why the heck do we get sleepy after crying? I just remember as a kid crying and the next thing I knew "zzzZZZZZzzzzzzz"...but what causes this one? Well...It's pretty practical in this case..crying takes a lot of energy..with increased breathing rate from all the long winded wailing, energy is used in excessive amounts and the body sure needs a "breather" after that. As for the eyes, when you cry they blood vessels are dialated from all the strain and this is why they appear to red. The eyes often hurt after crying because the blood vessels are contricting back to normal and the eyes literally are tired, which also adds to the feeling of sleepiness. So now the next time you cry yourself to sleep, it's not because when your heart is broken that's what happens...it's because you used so much energy crying about his ass and you eyes are having a "wtf' reaction :)..hahaaa....

Hope you guys learned some things today,thanx for reading!

Tina B.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's a Catch 23...

Is it worth the last catch??

Im sure most of you know what a "catch 22" is right?...It explains those situations where you have something that is soooooo good for you...but as it’s sooo good,it's equally destructive and thus you can’t win. "What do you do in these situations?" ..That's the question most of us have, and we try to figure out how we can keep this thing that brings us so much pleasure and happiness but also how we can stop it from ruining us. Many people do this by ignoring the negative effects and embracing the ones they see most beneficial but what happens when the shield diminishes and reality is looking you in the face? The catch 22 always comes back, it's quite inescapable but people fail to realize this and try to get around it like they’re on some final destination type mission trying to escape death. What if you got thrown another ball? Would you do everything in you power to catch it? Would that extra catch change the current situation? Catch 23...all rules have exceptions but it's up to you to take advantage of them and show that progress does not end at one accomplishment. When the last ball is thrown,make sure the glove fits because if it doesn't...what drives you will be the cause of your collision.

Tina B.