Everyone can Use The "T" Word....It's The One That Won't get You Dirty Looks!;)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun Facts ABout Me!

Name: Sharontina, but most call me Tina :) 

Occupation: Student, intern, social media & fashion enthusiast!

 The best thing about your job is…
I LOVE to learn and challenge myself and I get a chance to do that every day! Fashion is ever changing so it keeps me locked in! <3

Reason for “Tweeting”:
Because I love to bother people! Hahaha, kidding… I tweet to network with peers and people I have looked up to for years! I’ve gone so many places and done so many things that I never thought were possible, ultimately because of Twitter!

 Favorite piece of clothing/ accessory right now:
 Hmmm…that’s hard! My favorite piece of clothing is my “Grandpa sweater”…it’s perfect, adds comfort and a subtle flash of color! Fav accessory is a tie between my signature belt from Iman Global Chic and my collection of bangles!

 Best spot for cocktails:
 Well, I won’t be old enough to drink until May 22nd, so… I’ll just leave this one alone… hahahaha…

 Favorite drink: Orange soda!!!!! Just like Kel from “Good Burger”

Last purchase: A divine equestrian hat from H&M… love it!

You friends and/or co-workers describe you as… Adventurous and always willing to chase a dream! They may also say I’m obsessed with NYC!

 5 Things that are always in your purse/ bag/ briefcase: Hmmm….


• Business cards

• Makeup

• Daily planner/pen

• Wallet

 If you could be inside one person’s head for a day, whose would it be? Tyra Banks!!!!

 Do you have a secret talent?
 Many! For some odd reason I can do a little bit of everything… I can sing a nice tune, design/sew, draw, braid hair (like the shop!), write poetry…etc etc etc..

What’s your favorite song right now?
I like music from before my time, “Guess Who I Saw Today”, by Nancy Wilson.

Who inspires you the most?
 My grandmother, the light of my life.

Your most glamorous night out consisted of…
Hmm..probably Fashion’s Night Out hanging in VIP with Oscar James, Deborah Cox and Solange..fun night!!

On your day off, or in our free time, you’re most likely…
 In NYC at someone’s event, love going to the city!

 If you could have one super power, what would it be?
To fly, ever since R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”!

 What’s your guilty pleasure?
 Fashion magazines, I have stacks upon stacks! I can't throw beauty away!!!

Where’s your favorite place to travel/vacation?
 I haven’t been many places, but Miami was beautiful..

Who’s your celebrity crush?
Boris Kodjoe… that is one hell of a man!

The one trend that you think should never, EVER come back is…
 Skirts and Uggs worn together! Why do people think that’s ok?...lol