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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A secret...that is hidden behind the depth of her being..
Inspired by those that came before her, but nourished by what she sees best fit.
She knows it exist and as hard as she tries to show it to the world,to her it is mere satisfaction.
She searches and searches for her moment of discovery,that will soon transform her perfect ebony into a glowing portrait of inspiration.
She seeks and she finds,the hands that are like those of  he who painted the picture of the world.
The grace within them,the place where skill calls home,where the movement is guided by the secret that is within the canvas.
Without words,they work together and in seeing her reflection she is speechless;as her secret is told to the world.
The natural essence of her beauty is now an interpretation of the secret she already holds,the one she tried and tried to uncover.
Those hands that graced her beautiful face and treated it as if it was the most delicate of lace,is the one who knows the secret....
The secret of beauty that is present in all and can be told to the world once and for all.
He is aware of his gift and shares it with love,
because he understands that it could only have come from above"

Thank you Sam for dedicating yourself to helping beautiful black women express their natural beauty everyday.There are so many women who feel they are not beautiful and the work you do,along with your love to teach others,really helps them realize that they are.You are truly blessed and you inspired me to write this.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

..The Day I Got Enhanced..

       This is what happens when you like the FINEr things in life....
So...it was lonnngggg overdue,but I finally got the dvd that I've been waiting for forever! Sam Fine,yes...theeee Sam Fine, created an instructional dvd to teach us the basics of beauty and how we too can enhance our beauty by learning simple,yet very important techniques.I like to add pics to my blogs to allow readers to connect to my emotion,so...let me show you how I felt when my dvd arrived...
Hahaha...yes,that's real!I was so excited because I knew that I would gain so much knowledge from this video, being that I am more of a beginner when it comes to makeup application.I love mascara,gloss and eyeshadow but that's pretty much all I wear because I didn't know the proper way to apply products such as foundation,concealer,and bronzer. I literally wrote 3 pages of notes while watching the video because I didn't want to just "watch" it to say I watched it,but I wanted to learn and retain the information so that I can use it to "enhance" my beauty in real life. In this video,Sam is so very detailed in every step which assures you that you don't miss a beat and that his intentions are  truly to teach and introduce effective methods to makeup application. There were some points in the video that I highlighted because I feel they are very important and beneficial to me personally...

1. The variety of brushes that should be in the brush kit and how each one serves a diferent purpose but yet all work together.

2. In brow maintenance,clear mascara serves as a major helper when trying to see which parts need to be corrected in grooming and also to lock the color and powder in once it is set.

3. The importance of moisturizer!It makes the face supple and ready for product and also serves as a protective shield.

4.The intricate application of concealer and foundation and the ways to match it to the complexion depending on the coverage desired.

5.The addition of lip liner and importance of applying lip color with a brush,the blending creates a beautiful 3 dimensional lip that is to diiieee for!

...I actually wish I could sit here and highlight every single point that was made in the video because they are all so very important and help to get the coveted look in the end!It doesn't just end after he does 3 beautiful makeovers,I absolutely LOVED watching the interview where Sam answered questions that I'm sure we all have for him.His dedication and drive is what got him where he is today,not luck or knowing the right people.It takes hard work to achieve greatness and I was so very inspired by Sam's story and to see that just like a normal person,as he and ALL celebrities are,started in a position we may be in today. He is a living and WOORRKKKKKing example that if you want something bad enough,when your preparation meets the right opportnity,it will equal success. I really want to thank Sam Fine for creating this instructional video because it is truly a big help to those that don't know where to start but wish to enhance their beauty at any age.The beginning is the most important part and what better way to learn the foundations than from one of my favorite makeup artists Sam Fine!

A million THANK YOUs to Sam Fine and what better way to celebrate than a photoshoot with my new best friend!

Signed X ___TyrasLilSis_____ ...*clears throat* aka Sharontina :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Big Sister I Always Had...

Wednesday,Feb3rd, my biggest dream came true...I finally got the chance to meet my role model(aka Big sister in my head)If you know me, you know that I LOVE Tyra like a sister and although that may be hard to believe in that she isn't related to me,all that she stands for and all that shes's done for young women all over the world has had an impact on me like no other.I want to tell you EVERYTHING that happened every second we were there..but if I did many of you wouldn't watch and the producers may have a bone to pick with me;). So...instead I will just tell you about how much fun it was meeting the other four ladies and how we all share the same love for Tyra!...The show was partly about her Superfans,which are BEYOND the levels of a "BIGGEST" fans(I bet that says a lot huh?)So of course we had to step up to the plate and show that we weren't just your averege fans...and we did just that!You would have thought we were at boot camp but our love is so strong for her that instead it translated to us as if we were writing our ABC's.Arriving in NYC that Monday night was so amazing to me...many that know me know me also know that I have a slight...ok,MAJOR addiction to NYC,it's constant buzzing,chaos and lights!I just love that place and being able to go and see Tyra all in one was creating what would be the best time of my life to date!When I arrived in NYC and I couldn't wait to meet my twitter sisters who LOVE Tyra just as much as me...I was so happy to meet them! Teah and Emily were just as I expected them to be...Cool,down to earth Tyra lovers!!! The next day we had to do some shooting for the show(wont give details about that) but I'll show you a pic of me,teah and Emily at Tyra's studio after our hair and makeup! Aren't we fierce???!
We also got to meet two of the coolest Cali girls,Sanam and Morgan..who are also superfans!! Here they are the first day of shooting..we heart them so much!!!<3
and of course Teah(the photog) snapped a fierce pic of me  in the van;)
After our day of filming some inside extras for the show,we were free to go out and about and see NYC..but guess what?...we were pooped!We lounged until about 12am and then decided to go out and see the beautiful city we adore so much!!Me and Teah perused around the city until we reached Times Square where we looked like obvious tourists,taking pictures of things natives would usually pass right by without even an ounce of excitement...for instance.....
YES...that's snow..and to us...this was "cool" but people were looking at us as if to say"what do they find exciting about a lit up building!?"...We didn't care,and the photog(Teah) kept snapping away!
The magic of these streets cannot be explained...
I was so curious to see what he was making!...sad part is...I never figured it out...

But I'm assuming Teah did because she had a KoolAid smile on her face :D

After our destinationless trip throughout the city(as we called it) we headed back to the hotel...and almost immediately our nerves took control of us.The next day we were going to come face to face...physically meet the woman we have looked up to for so many years..I didn't know if I was nervous because I was going to be staring my idol right in her  face...or because I thought I might swallow all my words once the camera came on and just begin to tell her the thousands of reasons why I admire and respect her...I was just so excited and honored that SHE chose me and wanted the world to see how much we stand for what she does.I can't explain the emotions I was feeling but it was definitely a combination and I could not wait to see how it would translate once I walked onto the stage.The moment I walked on to that stage and saw my idol...the woman I look up to like a big sister..the one I will argue a complete stranger down for...the one who has me running from class to make sure I don't miss a beat of the show...I felt nothing but happiness and honor.I could not believe this was happening to me and the feeling I got when I walked out onto that stage...I never felt before...EVER.When I got closer to her and she opened her arms to embrace a hug and said my name...it felt like probably how people feel when they win the lottery!I was the happiest person in the world and my smile told that to the whole audience.That hug confirmed everything...our love and admiration for the work Tyra does was all over our faces ,but her hug was so appreciative and loving and I could feel that she appreciated us too.After that introduction my nerves calmed down a bit,but the excitement went nowhere..in fact,it's still here as I'm typing!I could not stop smiling...people probably thought I was crazy...but at least I was a happy crazy person!The moment I saw the tears fall from Emily's eyes and saw Tyra begin to tear up I felt the lump in my throat but I said "NO Tina,do not cry!"...I could hear the words of the producer in my head"do not cry ugly" lol..and I KNOW that my cry is not pretty so I sucked it up,and let it pass..It was just too surreal...I still don't believe it happened.The show was amazing and being able to spend time with Tyra and talk to her about how she has inspired us and encouraged us was more than I could possibly ask for.I want to tell you ALL of the details but I want you guys to watch the show and see for yourself how much she means to us.On the train ride home I just kept reliving the moment...thanking God and trying to figure out what I did to deserve for MY dream to come true.As I thought and thought I couldnt't come up with an answer that was right or wrong so I decided to just take it all in...and appreciate what had just happened to me.When I woke up the next morning...back in my dorm room...the place I had left with a dream...I looked around and asked myself"did this really happen??" and the only way I would allow myself to prove it was true,was to look over to my dresser and see this...
It was not a dream...I did not need to be pinched..I had met my idol,..my role model..the big sister I always had... <3

I love Tyra forever more and the inspiration I get from her is so much appreciated and valued so highly..

SignedX___TyrasLilSis___ xoxo