Everyone can Use The "T" Word....It's The One That Won't get You Dirty Looks!;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A secret...that is hidden behind the depth of her being..
Inspired by those that came before her, but nourished by what she sees best fit.
She knows it exist and as hard as she tries to show it to the world,to her it is mere satisfaction.
She searches and searches for her moment of discovery,that will soon transform her perfect ebony into a glowing portrait of inspiration.
She seeks and she finds,the hands that are like those of  he who painted the picture of the world.
The grace within them,the place where skill calls home,where the movement is guided by the secret that is within the canvas.
Without words,they work together and in seeing her reflection she is speechless;as her secret is told to the world.
The natural essence of her beauty is now an interpretation of the secret she already holds,the one she tried and tried to uncover.
Those hands that graced her beautiful face and treated it as if it was the most delicate of lace,is the one who knows the secret....
The secret of beauty that is present in all and can be told to the world once and for all.
He is aware of his gift and shares it with love,
because he understands that it could only have come from above"

Thank you Sam for dedicating yourself to helping beautiful black women express their natural beauty everyday.There are so many women who feel they are not beautiful and the work you do,along with your love to teach others,really helps them realize that they are.You are truly blessed and you inspired me to write this.