Everyone can Use The "T" Word....It's The One That Won't get You Dirty Looks!;)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh, Irene.

Wanting to seek revenge on her ex lover of a coastal wind, she decided that the beauty behind the make pretend had to end and umm...frankly, she didn't care who she might she offend in the process. She made a master plan for days on end and kept it no secret, she encourage the announcements and red flags so family and foe could grab their loved ones and best rags , and move to higher ground so she could have her way. Her plan was executed in no rushed manner, stirring up winds one city at a time making sure to cry tears bigger than dimes so that the world would know not to take her lightly.

Turning over sized broccoli spears into waving bunny ears, cutting them no slack because she knew that they'd grow back. ...eventually. She may have seemed like a woman who could care less, but she made sure to keep her wrath along the edge so that at least it was a proper representation of where she was standing before giving us this test. She liked the fact that she could make people wait all day on her and then BOOM!..jump out as we were least expecting her, making children cry tears of uncertainty  as parents remember how they once were. She didn't do the quick salsa dance of her old friend tornado, or intense moves of a rhythmic hip hop dance like cousin earth quake, she just cried her tears of pain and despair and she thought about her soon to come fate.

She knew that as she moved and emitted her energy of wind gusts on the shelters of the east coast's inhabitants, and as she played around and whipped up the ocean's waves like a bowl of defenseless pancake mix, that eventually...she wouldn't even matter anymore. This angered her to no end and so she took her time, making sure that each and every waking second would make people wonder, "where does she draw the line?!". Taking the life of a small boy whose repeating dreams probably consisted of playing in dirt and with small toys, while his family now begs and pleads to talk to him just once more. Not allowing him to even have the moment to himself, she claims the fault for more lives lost and loves the fact that as she fizzles out she won't have to pay the indescribable costs.

Awaiting the hours when she knows the world will fall into a slumber, to bring her greatest force with power and might, way scarier than a bout of thunder. To test the strength of windows and doors, that lead to the soul of the home you call yours, to test a sheep's faith to see if he is shook, wondering if his solace will be n the great book. Getting through the night will be the ultimate test, and she'll be gone in the morning just like all the rest. Oh, Irene.

Be safe during the storm and I'll see you all when the sun comes back out!