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Friday, December 18, 2009

Tyra's Global BIO(Beauty Inside and Out) Campaign, Have you pledged?

Tyra just launched a new campaign, Global BIO(Beauty Inside and Out) as a way to expand the definition of beauty and bring to light "non-traditional" beauty and celebrate it. As you know,expanding abnormal beauty was one of the goals behind the creation of America's Next Top Model. She wants women from all over the world to celebrate their unique beauty and make a 30 sec video explaining how you plan to expand the definition and encourage otyhers. In my video I talked about how I plan to embrace everything that is unique to me and even embrace the things I don't quite like...from my little ears -----------------------> To the bags under my eyes!

I LOVE it all and I hope you too will take the pledge to embrace the many versions of beauty we share...
Beauty is not one sided,and together we can uncover all of its dimensions!
For more information and to make your pledge,visit http://www.tyra.com/ 
and check out my video too,its for you, me, and all of the women of the world!

Tina B.

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