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Friday, December 18, 2009

"How Youu Dooiinnnnn?!"

     So...we all know the quirky,divaliscious, always funny Wendy Williams. Well me and my friends got a chance to attend a taping yesterday at her studio in NYC and when I say fun..I mean FUN, VIP style! EVERYTHING was pretty in pink and I absolutely loved it! So we ended up getting there a little toooo early, but hey it's better to be early than late. In the process of trying to kill about two hours, we frantically ran around the surrounding area tryng to find a warm place! Killed about 10 minutes standing in Starbucks staring at people, then went to this random apartment complex that had a lobby,but once the receptionist guy realized we were random people he said "uhhmmm, can I help you??"..We tried to act like we didn't hear him because we knew the end result would be "you have to leave", but after ignoring the question for about 40 seconds I felt like I was being disrespectful and said, "ummm,we are just trying to get warm". As expected, he replies with "uhhh, you can't just hang out in the lobby".
     Back in the cold we were and just when we thought we were going to die of  hypothermia, we discovered a Dunkin Donuts!!! The one place you can go and sit for hours and not be asked a single question...even if you don't buy anything!! HE answered our prayers and we sat in there until it was time to go back. The WHOLE Wendy staff was down to earth beyond belief,they were like old friends..so welcoming. After all the prep and wait and seating and all, they were like "come on down here and dance yall!" and the whole audience was on the dance floor doin their thing(and this was before the show even started!). The show was great and Wendy is just as funny and humble in person as she is on tv. As she walked up the aisle next to us,my friends and I were all just staring dead in her face and when she looked and saw us, she put on a big friendly smile and said "Hey girls!" lol..I have to say it was quite rude of us to stare and created an awkward moment,but her warm greeting made it A ok and we were hype that she spoke to us hahahaa..!Even though it was freezing , we had a great time in NYC and Wendy sent us all home with a wrapping paper kit from Kate's Paperie. After leaving the show, we went to this diner on Broadway where the waiters and waitresses sung broaoday songs the whole time...later I realized that they aspire to be on Broadway so they perform all day in hopes to get discovered I guess...duh lol.There's so much more to tell about our trip but this is a blog, not a book so I'll end here..but here are sum pics! enjoy :)

Wendy Studio,pretty in Pink!

Self explanatory ;)

Us in the studio waiting for Wendy to come out

This was right after we got kicked out of that random apartment lobby lol

"How yOuu dooiiinnnn?!"

Tina B.


  1. aww!! I was laughing all through this blog! And that guy knows he coulda let yal stay in the lobby but all's well that ends well!! HOW YOU DOOOOOINN!!

  2. hahahah yes teah!! He coulda showed some holiday spirit!,damn..it was so cold it felt like the hawk was sittin on my damn shoulder LMAO

  3. LMAO!!! that's new york for ya and their non southern hospitality!!