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Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's a Catch 23...

Is it worth the last catch??

Im sure most of you know what a "catch 22" is right?...It explains those situations where you have something that is soooooo good for you...but as it’s sooo good,it's equally destructive and thus you can’t win. "What do you do in these situations?" ..That's the question most of us have, and we try to figure out how we can keep this thing that brings us so much pleasure and happiness but also how we can stop it from ruining us. Many people do this by ignoring the negative effects and embracing the ones they see most beneficial but what happens when the shield diminishes and reality is looking you in the face? The catch 22 always comes back, it's quite inescapable but people fail to realize this and try to get around it like they’re on some final destination type mission trying to escape death. What if you got thrown another ball? Would you do everything in you power to catch it? Would that extra catch change the current situation? Catch 23...all rules have exceptions but it's up to you to take advantage of them and show that progress does not end at one accomplishment. When the last ball is thrown,make sure the glove fits because if it doesn't...what drives you will be the cause of your collision.

Tina B.